pytest-2.4.2: colorama on windows, plugin/tmpdir fixesΒΆ

pytest-2.4.2 is another bug-fixing release:

  • on Windows require colorama and a newer py lib so that now uses colorama instead of its own ctypes hacks. (fixes issue365) thanks Paul Moore for bringing it up.
  • fix “-k” matching of tests where “repr” and “attr” and other names would cause wrong matches because of an internal implementation quirk (don’t ask) which is now properly implemented. fixes issue345.
  • avoid tmpdir fixture to create too long filenames especially when parametrization is used (issue354)
  • fix pytest-pep8 and pytest-flakes / pytest interactions (collection names in mark plugin was assuming an item always has a function which is not true for those plugins etc.) Thanks Andi Zeidler.
  • introduce node.get_marker/node.add_marker API for plugins like pytest-pep8 and pytest-flakes to avoid the messy details of the node.keywords pseudo-dicts. Adapted docs.
  • remove attempt to “dup” stdout at startup as it’s icky. the normal capturing should catch enough possibilities of tests messing up standard FDs.
  • add pluginmanager.do_configure(config) as a link to config.do_configure() for plugin-compatibility

as usual, docs at and upgrades via:

pip install -U pytest

have fun, holger krekel