python testing sprint June 20th-26th 2016


The pytest core group is heading towards the biggest sprint in its history, to take place in the black forest town Freiburg in Germany. As of February 2016 we have started a funding campaign on Indiegogo to cover expenses The page also mentions some preliminary topics:

  • improving pytest-xdist test scheduling to take into account fixture setups and explicit user hints.
  • provide info on fixture dependencies during –collect-only
  • tying pytest-xdist to tox so that you can do “py.test -e py34” to run tests in a particular tox-managed virtualenv. Also look into making pytest-xdist use tox environments on remote ssh-sides so that remote dependency management becomes easier.
  • refactoring the fixture system so more people understand it :)
  • integrating PyUnit setup methods as autouse fixtures. possibly adding ways to influence ordering of same-scoped fixtures (so you can make a choice of which fixtures come before others)
  • fixing bugs and issues from the tracker, really an endless source :)


Here are preliminary participants who said they are likely to come, given some expenses funding:

Anatoly Bubenkoff, Netherlands
Andreas Pelme, Personalkollen, Sweden
Anthony Wang, Splunk, US
Brianna Laugher, Australia
Bruno Oliveira, Brazil
Danielle Jenkins, Splunk, US
Dave Hunt, UK
Florian Bruhin, Switzerland
Floris Bruynooghe,, UK
Holger Krekel, merlinux, Germany
Oliver Bestwalter, Avira, Germany
Omar Kohl, Germany
Raphael Pierzina, FanDuel, UK
Tom Viner, UK

<your name here?>

Other contributors and experienced newcomers are invited to join as well but please send a mail to the pytest-dev mailing list if you intend to do so somewhat soon, also how much funding you need if so. And if you are working for a company and using pytest heavily you are welcome to join and we encourage your company to provide some funding for the sprint. They may see it, and rightfully so, as a very cheap and deep training which brings you together with the experts in the field :)

Sprint organisation, schedule

tentative schedule:

  • 19/20th arrival in Freiburg
  • 20th social get together, initial hacking
  • 21/22th full sprint days
  • 23rd break day, hiking
  • 24/25th full sprint days
  • 26th departure

We might adjust according to weather to make sure that if we do some hiking or excursion we’ll have good weather. Freiburg is one of the sunniest places in Germany so it shouldn’t be too much of a constraint.


We’ll see to arrange for renting a flat with multiple beds/rooms. Hotels are usually below 100 per night. The earlier we book the better.

Money / funding

The Indiegogo campaign asks for 11000 USD which should cover the costs for flights and accomodation, renting a sprint place and maybe a bit of food as well.

If your organisation wants to support the sprint but prefers to give money according to an invoice, get in contact with holger at who can invoice your organisation properly.

If we have excess money we’ll use for further sprint/travel funding for pytest/tox contributors.