Source code for _pytest.reports

import py

from _pytest._code.code import TerminalRepr

def getslaveinfoline(node):
        return node._slaveinfocache
    except AttributeError:
        d = node.slaveinfo
        ver = "%s.%s.%s" % d["version_info"][:3]
        node._slaveinfocache = s = "[%s] %s -- Python %s %s" % (
        return s

class BaseReport(object):
    def __init__(self, **kw):

    def toterminal(self, out):
        if hasattr(self, "node"):

        longrepr = self.longrepr
        if longrepr is None:

        if hasattr(longrepr, "toterminal"):
            except UnicodeEncodeError:
                out.line("<unprintable longrepr>")

    def get_sections(self, prefix):
        for name, content in self.sections:
            if name.startswith(prefix):
                yield prefix, content

    def longreprtext(self):
        Read-only property that returns the full string representation
        of ``longrepr``.

        .. versionadded:: 3.0
        tw =
        tw.hasmarkup = False
        exc = tw.stringio.getvalue()
        return exc.strip()

    def caplog(self):
        """Return captured log lines, if log capturing is enabled

        .. versionadded:: 3.5
        return "\n".join(
            content for (prefix, content) in self.get_sections("Captured log")

    def capstdout(self):
        """Return captured text from stdout, if capturing is enabled

        .. versionadded:: 3.0
        return "".join(
            content for (prefix, content) in self.get_sections("Captured stdout")

    def capstderr(self):
        """Return captured text from stderr, if capturing is enabled

        .. versionadded:: 3.0
        return "".join(
            content for (prefix, content) in self.get_sections("Captured stderr")

    passed = property(lambda x: x.outcome == "passed")
    failed = property(lambda x: x.outcome == "failed")
    skipped = property(lambda x: x.outcome == "skipped")

    def fspath(self):
        return self.nodeid.split("::")[0]

[docs]class TestReport(BaseReport): """ Basic test report object (also used for setup and teardown calls if they fail). """ def __init__( self, nodeid, location, keywords, outcome, longrepr, when, sections=(), duration=0, user_properties=None, **extra ): #: normalized collection node id self.nodeid = nodeid #: a (filesystempath, lineno, domaininfo) tuple indicating the #: actual location of a test item - it might be different from the #: collected one e.g. if a method is inherited from a different module. self.location = location #: a name -> value dictionary containing all keywords and #: markers associated with a test invocation. self.keywords = keywords #: test outcome, always one of "passed", "failed", "skipped". self.outcome = outcome #: None or a failure representation. self.longrepr = longrepr #: one of 'setup', 'call', 'teardown' to indicate runtest phase. self.when = when #: user properties is a list of tuples (name, value) that holds user #: defined properties of the test self.user_properties = list(user_properties or []) #: list of pairs ``(str, str)`` of extra information which needs to #: marshallable. Used by pytest to add captured text #: from ``stdout`` and ``stderr``, but may be used by other plugins #: to add arbitrary information to reports. self.sections = list(sections) #: time it took to run just the test self.duration = duration self.__dict__.update(extra) def __repr__(self): return "<TestReport %r when=%r outcome=%r>" % ( self.nodeid, self.when, self.outcome, )
class TeardownErrorReport(BaseReport): outcome = "failed" when = "teardown" def __init__(self, longrepr, **extra): self.longrepr = longrepr self.sections = [] self.__dict__.update(extra) class CollectReport(BaseReport): def __init__(self, nodeid, outcome, longrepr, result, sections=(), **extra): self.nodeid = nodeid self.outcome = outcome self.longrepr = longrepr self.result = result or [] self.sections = list(sections) self.__dict__.update(extra) @property def location(self): return (self.fspath, None, self.fspath) def __repr__(self): return "<CollectReport %r lenresult=%s outcome=%r>" % ( self.nodeid, len(self.result), self.outcome, ) class CollectErrorRepr(TerminalRepr): def __init__(self, msg): self.longrepr = msg def toterminal(self, out): out.line(self.longrepr, red=True)