Source code for _pytest.freeze_support

"""Provides a function to report all internal modules for using freezing
import types
from typing import Iterator
from typing import List
from typing import Union

[docs]def freeze_includes() -> List[str]: """Return a list of module names used by pytest that should be included by cx_freeze.""" import _pytest result = list(_iter_all_modules(_pytest)) return result
def _iter_all_modules( package: Union[str, types.ModuleType], prefix: str = "", ) -> Iterator[str]: """Iterate over the names of all modules that can be found in the given package, recursively. >>> import _pytest >>> list(_iter_all_modules(_pytest)) ['_pytest._argcomplete', '_pytest._code.code', ...] """ import os import pkgutil if isinstance(package, str): path = package else: # Type ignored because typeshed doesn't define ModuleType.__path__ # (only defined on packages). package_path = package.__path__ # type: ignore[attr-defined] path, prefix = package_path[0], package.__name__ + "." for _, name, is_package in pkgutil.iter_modules([path]): if is_package: for m in _iter_all_modules(os.path.join(path, name), prefix=name + "."): yield prefix + m else: yield prefix + name