py.test 2.0.3: bug fixes and speed ups

Welcome to pytest-2.0.3, a maintenance and bug fix release of pytest, a mature testing tool for Python, supporting CPython 2.4-3.2, Jython and latest PyPy interpreters. See the extensive docs with tested examples here:

If you want to install or upgrade pytest, just type one of:

pip install -U pytest # or
easy_install -U pytest

There also is a bugfix release 1.6 of pytest-xdist, the plugin that enables seamless distributed and “looponfail” testing for Python.

best, holger krekel

Changes between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3

  • fix issue38: nicer tracebacks on calls to hooks, particularly early configure/sessionstart ones

  • fix missing skip reason/meta information in junitxml files, reported via

  • fix issue34: avoid collection failure with “test” prefixed classes deriving from object.

  • don’t require zlib (and other libs) for genscript plugin without –genscript actually being used.

  • speed up skips (by not doing a full traceback representation internally)

  • fix issue37: avoid invalid characters in junitxml’s output