pytest is a mature Python testing tool with more than 1100 tests against itself, passing on many different interpreters and platforms.

See below for the changes and see docs at:

As usual, you can upgrade from pypi via:

pip install -U pytest

Thanks to all who contributed to this release, among them:

Adam Chainz Benjamin Dopplinger Bruno Oliveira Florian Bruhin John Towler Martin Prusse Meng Jue MengJueM Omar Kohl Quentin Pradet Ronny Pfannschmidt Thomas Güttler TomV Tyler Goodlet

Happy testing, The py.test Development Team

2.9.2 (compared to 2.9.1)

Bug Fixes

  • fix issue #510: skip tests where one parameterize dimension was empty thanks Alex Stapleton for the Report and @RonnyPfannschmidt for the PR

  • Fix Xfail does not work with condition keyword argument. Thanks @astraw38 for reporting the issue (issue #1496) and @tomviner for PR the (pull request #1524).

  • Fix win32 path issue when putting custom config file with absolute path in pytest.main("-c your_absolute_path").

  • Fix maximum recursion depth detection when raised error class is not aware of unicode/encoded bytes. Thanks @prusse-martin for the PR (pull request #1506).

  • Fix pytest.mark.skip mark when used in strict mode. Thanks @pquentin for the PR and @RonnyPfannschmidt for showing how to fix the bug.

  • Minor improvements and fixes to the documentation. Thanks @omarkohl for the PR.

  • Fix --fixtures to show all fixture definitions as opposed to just one per fixture name. Thanks to @hackebrot for the PR.