Source code for _pytest.warning_types

import attr

[docs]class PytestWarning(UserWarning): """ Bases: :class:`UserWarning`. Base class for all warnings emitted by pytest. """
[docs]class PytestDeprecationWarning(PytestWarning, DeprecationWarning): """ Bases: :class:`pytest.PytestWarning`, :class:`DeprecationWarning`. Warning class for features that will be removed in a future version. """
[docs]class RemovedInPytest4Warning(PytestDeprecationWarning): """ Bases: :class:`pytest.PytestDeprecationWarning`. Warning class for features scheduled to be removed in pytest 4.0. """
[docs]class PytestExperimentalApiWarning(PytestWarning, FutureWarning): """ Bases: :class:`pytest.PytestWarning`, :class:`FutureWarning`. Warning category used to denote experiments in pytest. Use sparingly as the API might change or even be removed completely in future version """ @classmethod def simple(cls, apiname): return cls( "{apiname} is an experimental api that may change over time".format( apiname=apiname ) )
@attr.s class UnformattedWarning(object): """Used to hold warnings that need to format their message at runtime, as opposed to a direct message. Using this class avoids to keep all the warning types and messages in this module, avoiding misuse. """ category = attr.ib() template = attr.ib() def format(self, **kwargs): """Returns an instance of the warning category, formatted with given kwargs""" return self.category(self.template.format(**kwargs)) PYTESTER_COPY_EXAMPLE = PytestExperimentalApiWarning.simple("testdir.copy_example")