pytest is a member of Tidelift. This document describes how the core team manages Tidelift-related activities.

What is it

Tidelift aims to make Open Source sustainable by offering subscriptions to companies which rely on Open Source packages. This subscription allows it to pay maintainers of those Open Source packages to aid sustainability of the work.


It was decided in the mailing list that the Tidelift contribution will be split evenly between members of the contributors team interested in receiving funding.

The current list of contributors receiving funding are:

Contributors interested in receiving a part of the funds just need to submit a PR adding their name to the list. Contributors that want to stop receiving the funds should also submit a PR in the same way.

The PR should mention @pytest-dev/tidelift-admins so appropriate changes can be made in the Tidelift platform.

After the PR has been accepted and merged, the contributor should register in the Tidelift platform and follow the instructions there, including signing an agreement.


A few people have admin access to the Tidelift dashboard to make changes. Those people are part of the @pytest-dev/tidelift-admins team.

Core contributors interested in helping out with Tidelift maintenance are welcome! We don’t expect much work here other than the occasional adding/removal of a contributor from receiving funds. Just drop a line to one of the @pytest-dev/tidelift-admins or use the mailing list.