Source code for _pytest.mark

"""Generic mechanism for marking and selecting python functions."""

import dataclasses
from typing import AbstractSet
from typing import Collection
from typing import List
from typing import Optional
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from typing import Union

from .expression import Expression
from .expression import ParseError
from .structures import EMPTY_PARAMETERSET_OPTION
from .structures import get_empty_parameterset_mark
from .structures import Mark
from .structures import MARK_GEN
from .structures import MarkDecorator
from .structures import MarkGenerator
from .structures import ParameterSet
from _pytest.config import Config
from _pytest.config import ExitCode
from _pytest.config import hookimpl
from _pytest.config import UsageError
from _pytest.config.argparsing import Parser
from _pytest.stash import StashKey

    from _pytest.nodes import Item

__all__ = [

old_mark_config_key = StashKey[Optional[Config]]()

[docs] def param( *values: object, marks: Union[MarkDecorator, Collection[Union[MarkDecorator, Mark]]] = (), id: Optional[str] = None, ) -> ParameterSet: """Specify a parameter in `pytest.mark.parametrize`_ calls or :ref:`parametrized fixtures <fixture-parametrize-marks>`. .. code-block:: python @pytest.mark.parametrize( "test_input,expected", [ ("3+5", 8), pytest.param("6*9", 42, marks=pytest.mark.xfail), ], ) def test_eval(test_input, expected): assert eval(test_input) == expected :param values: Variable args of the values of the parameter set, in order. :param marks: A single mark or a list of marks to be applied to this parameter set. :param id: The id to attribute to this parameter set. """ return ParameterSet.param(*values, marks=marks, id=id)
def pytest_addoption(parser: Parser) -> None: group = parser.getgroup("general") group._addoption( "-k", action="store", dest="keyword", default="", metavar="EXPRESSION", help="Only run tests which match the given substring expression. " "An expression is a Python evaluable expression " "where all names are substring-matched against test names " "and their parent classes. Example: -k 'test_method or test_" "other' matches all test functions and classes whose name " "contains 'test_method' or 'test_other', while -k 'not test_method' " "matches those that don't contain 'test_method' in their names. " "-k 'not test_method and not test_other' will eliminate the matches. " "Additionally keywords are matched to classes and functions " "containing extra names in their 'extra_keyword_matches' set, " "as well as functions which have names assigned directly to them. " "The matching is case-insensitive.", ) group._addoption( "-m", action="store", dest="markexpr", default="", metavar="MARKEXPR", help="Only run tests matching given mark expression. " "For example: -m 'mark1 and not mark2'.", ) group.addoption( "--markers", action="store_true", help="show markers (builtin, plugin and per-project ones).", ) parser.addini("markers", "Register new markers for test functions", "linelist") parser.addini(EMPTY_PARAMETERSET_OPTION, "Default marker for empty parametersets") @hookimpl(tryfirst=True) def pytest_cmdline_main(config: Config) -> Optional[Union[int, ExitCode]]: import _pytest.config if config.option.markers: config._do_configure() tw = _pytest.config.create_terminal_writer(config) for line in config.getini("markers"): parts = line.split(":", 1) name = parts[0] rest = parts[1] if len(parts) == 2 else "" tw.write("@pytest.mark.%s:" % name, bold=True) tw.line(rest) tw.line() config._ensure_unconfigure() return 0 return None @dataclasses.dataclass class KeywordMatcher: """A matcher for keywords. Given a list of names, matches any substring of one of these names. The string inclusion check is case-insensitive. Will match on the name of colitem, including the names of its parents. Only matches names of items which are either a :class:`Class` or a :class:`Function`. Additionally, matches on names in the 'extra_keyword_matches' set of any item, as well as names directly assigned to test functions. """ __slots__ = ("_names",) _names: AbstractSet[str] @classmethod def from_item(cls, item: "Item") -> "KeywordMatcher": mapped_names = set() # Add the names of the current item and any parent items, # except the Session and root Directory's which are not # interesting for matching. import pytest for node in item.listchain(): if isinstance(node, pytest.Session): continue if isinstance(node, pytest.Directory) and isinstance( node.parent, pytest.Session ): continue mapped_names.add( # Add the names added as extra keywords to current or parent items. mapped_names.update(item.listextrakeywords()) # Add the names attached to the current function through direct assignment. function_obj = getattr(item, "function", None) if function_obj: mapped_names.update(function_obj.__dict__) # Add the markers to the keywords as we no longer handle them correctly. mapped_names.update( for mark in item.iter_markers()) return cls(mapped_names) def __call__(self, subname: str) -> bool: subname = subname.lower() names = (name.lower() for name in self._names) for name in names: if subname in name: return True return False def deselect_by_keyword(items: "List[Item]", config: Config) -> None: keywordexpr = config.option.keyword.lstrip() if not keywordexpr: return expr = _parse_expression(keywordexpr, "Wrong expression passed to '-k'") remaining = [] deselected = [] for colitem in items: if not expr.evaluate(KeywordMatcher.from_item(colitem)): deselected.append(colitem) else: remaining.append(colitem) if deselected: config.hook.pytest_deselected(items=deselected) items[:] = remaining @dataclasses.dataclass class MarkMatcher: """A matcher for markers which are present. Tries to match on any marker names, attached to the given colitem. """ __slots__ = ("own_mark_names",) own_mark_names: AbstractSet[str] @classmethod def from_item(cls, item: "Item") -> "MarkMatcher": mark_names = { for mark in item.iter_markers()} return cls(mark_names) def __call__(self, name: str) -> bool: return name in self.own_mark_names def deselect_by_mark(items: "List[Item]", config: Config) -> None: matchexpr = config.option.markexpr if not matchexpr: return expr = _parse_expression(matchexpr, "Wrong expression passed to '-m'") remaining: List[Item] = [] deselected: List[Item] = [] for item in items: if expr.evaluate(MarkMatcher.from_item(item)): remaining.append(item) else: deselected.append(item) if deselected: config.hook.pytest_deselected(items=deselected) items[:] = remaining def _parse_expression(expr: str, exc_message: str) -> Expression: try: return Expression.compile(expr) except ParseError as e: raise UsageError(f"{exc_message}: {expr}: {e}") from None def pytest_collection_modifyitems(items: "List[Item]", config: Config) -> None: deselect_by_keyword(items, config) deselect_by_mark(items, config) def pytest_configure(config: Config) -> None: config.stash[old_mark_config_key] = MARK_GEN._config MARK_GEN._config = config empty_parameterset = config.getini(EMPTY_PARAMETERSET_OPTION) if empty_parameterset not in ("skip", "xfail", "fail_at_collect", None, ""): raise UsageError( f"{EMPTY_PARAMETERSET_OPTION!s} must be one of skip, xfail or fail_at_collect" f" but it is {empty_parameterset!r}" ) def pytest_unconfigure(config: Config) -> None: MARK_GEN._config = config.stash.get(old_mark_config_key, None)