py.test 2.1.1: assertion fixes and improved junitxml output

pytest-2.1.1 is a backward compatible maintenance release of the popular py.test testing tool. See extensive docs with examples here:

Most bug fixes address remaining issues with the perfected assertions introduced with 2.1.0 - many thanks to the bug reporters and to Benjamin Peterson for helping to fix them. Also, junitxml output now produces system-out/err tags which lead to better displays of tracebacks with Jenkins.

Also a quick note to package maintainers and others interested: there now is a “pytest” man page which can be generated with “make man” in doc/.

If you want to install or upgrade pytest, just type one of:

pip install -U pytest # or
easy_install -U pytest

best, holger krekel /

Changes between 2.1.0 and 2.1.1

  • fix issue64 / pytest.set_trace now works within pytest_generate_tests hooks

  • fix issue60 / fix error conditions involving the creation of __pycache__

  • fix issue63 / assertion rewriting on inserts involving strings containing ‘%’

  • fix assertion rewriting on calls with a ** arg

  • don’t cache rewritten modules if bytecode generation is disabled

  • fix assertion rewriting in read-only directories

  • fix issue59: provide system-out/err tags for junitxml output

  • fix issue61: assertion rewriting on boolean operations with 3 or more operands

  • you can now build a man page with “cd doc ; make man”