pytest-2.2.2: bug fixes

pytest-2.2.2 (updated to 2.2.3 to fix packaging issues) is a minor backward-compatible release of the versatile py.test testing tool. It contains bug fixes and a few refinements particularly to reporting with “–collectonly”, see below for betails.

For general information see here:

To install or upgrade pytest:

pip install -U pytest # or easy_install -U pytest

Special thanks for helping on this release to Ronny Pfannschmidt and Ralf Schmitt and the contributors of issues.

best, holger krekel

Changes between 2.2.1 and 2.2.2

  • fix issue101: wrong args to unittest.TestCase test function now produce better output

  • fix issue102: report more useful errors and hints for when a test directory was renamed and some pyc/__pycache__ remain

  • fix issue106: allow parametrize to be applied multiple times e.g. from module, class and at function level.

  • fix issue107: actually perform session scope finalization

  • don’t check in parametrize if indirect parameters are funcarg names

  • add chdir method to monkeypatch funcarg

  • fix crash resulting from calling monkeypatch undo a second time

  • fix issue115: make –collectonly robust against early failure (missing files/directories)

  • “-qq –collectonly” now shows only files and the number of tests in them

  • “-q –collectonly” now shows test ids

  • allow adding of attributes to test reports such that it also works with distributed testing (no upgrade of pytest-xdist needed)