pytest-2.3.2: some fixes and more traceback-printing speed

pytest-2.3.2 is another stabilization release:

  • issue 205: fixes a regression with conftest detection

  • issue 208/29: fixes traceback-printing speed in some bad cases

  • fix teardown-ordering for parametrized setups

  • fix unittest and trial compat behaviour with respect to runTest() methods

  • issue 206 and others: some improvements to packaging

  • fix issue127 and others: improve some docs


for general information. To install or upgrade pytest:

pip install -U pytest # or easy_install -U pytest

best, holger krekel

Changes between 2.3.1 and 2.3.2

  • fix issue208 and fix issue29 use new py version to avoid long pauses when printing tracebacks in long modules

  • fix issue205 - conftests in subdirs customizing pytest_pycollect_makemodule and pytest_pycollect_makeitem now work properly

  • fix teardown-ordering for parametrized setups

  • fix issue127 - better documentation for pytest_addoption and related objects.

  • fix unittest behaviour: TestCase.runtest only called if there are test methods defined

  • improve trial support: don’t collect its empty unittest.TestCase.runTest() method

  • “python test” now works with pytest itself

  • fix/improve internal/packaging related bits:

    • exception message check of now passes on python33 as well

    • issue206 - fix to work when a global PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE=1 is present

    • add tox.ini to pytest distribution so that ignore-dirs and others config bits are properly distributed for maintainers who run pytest-own tests