The pytest team is proud to announce the 6.1.0 release!

This release contains new features, improvements, bug fixes, and breaking changes, so users are encouraged to take a look at the CHANGELOG carefully:

For complete documentation, please visit:

As usual, you can upgrade from PyPI via:

pip install -U pytest

Thanks to all of the contributors to this release:

  • Anthony Sottile

  • Bruno Oliveira

    1. Titus Brown

  • Drew Devereux

  • Faris A Chugthai

  • Florian Bruhin

  • Hugo van Kemenade

  • Hynek Schlawack

  • Joseph Lucas

  • Kamran Ahmad

  • Mattreex

  • Maximilian Cosmo Sitter

  • Ran Benita

  • Rüdiger Busche

  • Sam Estep

  • Sorin Sbarnea

  • Thomas Grainger

  • Vipul Kumar

  • Yutaro Ikeda

  • hp310780

Happy testing, The pytest Development Team