Source code for _pytest.legacypath

# mypy: allow-untyped-defs
"""Add backward compatibility support for the legacy py path type."""

import dataclasses
from pathlib import Path
import shlex
import subprocess
from typing import Final
from typing import final
from typing import List
from typing import Optional
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from typing import Union

from iniconfig import SectionWrapper

from _pytest.cacheprovider import Cache
from _pytest.compat import LEGACY_PATH
from _pytest.compat import legacy_path
from _pytest.config import Config
from _pytest.config import hookimpl
from _pytest.config import PytestPluginManager
from _pytest.deprecated import check_ispytest
from _pytest.fixtures import fixture
from _pytest.fixtures import FixtureRequest
from _pytest.main import Session
from _pytest.monkeypatch import MonkeyPatch
from _pytest.nodes import Collector
from _pytest.nodes import Item
from _pytest.nodes import Node
from _pytest.pytester import HookRecorder
from _pytest.pytester import Pytester
from _pytest.pytester import RunResult
from _pytest.terminal import TerminalReporter
from _pytest.tmpdir import TempPathFactory

    import pexpect

[docs] @final class Testdir: """ Similar to :class:`Pytester`, but this class works with legacy legacy_path objects instead. All methods just forward to an internal :class:`Pytester` instance, converting results to `legacy_path` objects as necessary. """ __test__ = False CLOSE_STDIN: "Final" = Pytester.CLOSE_STDIN TimeoutExpired: "Final" = Pytester.TimeoutExpired def __init__(self, pytester: Pytester, *, _ispytest: bool = False) -> None: check_ispytest(_ispytest) self._pytester = pytester @property def tmpdir(self) -> LEGACY_PATH: """Temporary directory where tests are executed.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.path) @property def test_tmproot(self) -> LEGACY_PATH: return legacy_path(self._pytester._test_tmproot) @property def request(self): return self._pytester._request @property def plugins(self): return self._pytester.plugins @plugins.setter def plugins(self, plugins): self._pytester.plugins = plugins @property def monkeypatch(self) -> MonkeyPatch: return self._pytester._monkeypatch
[docs] def make_hook_recorder(self, pluginmanager) -> HookRecorder: """See :meth:`Pytester.make_hook_recorder`.""" return self._pytester.make_hook_recorder(pluginmanager)
[docs] def chdir(self) -> None: """See :meth:`Pytester.chdir`.""" return self._pytester.chdir()
def finalize(self) -> None: return self._pytester._finalize()
[docs] def makefile(self, ext, *args, **kwargs) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.makefile`.""" if ext and not ext.startswith("."): # pytester.makefile is going to throw a ValueError in a way that # testdir.makefile did not, because # pathlib.Path is stricter suffixes than py.path # This ext arguments is likely user error, but since testdir has # allowed this, we will prepend "." as a workaround to avoid breaking # testdir usage that worked before ext = "." + ext return legacy_path(self._pytester.makefile(ext, *args, **kwargs))
[docs] def makeconftest(self, source) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.makeconftest`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.makeconftest(source))
[docs] def makeini(self, source) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.makeini`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.makeini(source))
[docs] def getinicfg(self, source: str) -> SectionWrapper: """See :meth:`Pytester.getinicfg`.""" return self._pytester.getinicfg(source)
[docs] def makepyprojecttoml(self, source) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.makepyprojecttoml`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.makepyprojecttoml(source))
[docs] def makepyfile(self, *args, **kwargs) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.makepyfile`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.makepyfile(*args, **kwargs))
[docs] def maketxtfile(self, *args, **kwargs) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.maketxtfile`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.maketxtfile(*args, **kwargs))
[docs] def syspathinsert(self, path=None) -> None: """See :meth:`Pytester.syspathinsert`.""" return self._pytester.syspathinsert(path)
[docs] def mkdir(self, name) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.mkdir`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.mkdir(name))
[docs] def mkpydir(self, name) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.mkpydir`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.mkpydir(name))
[docs] def copy_example(self, name=None) -> LEGACY_PATH: """See :meth:`Pytester.copy_example`.""" return legacy_path(self._pytester.copy_example(name))
[docs] def getnode(self, config: Config, arg) -> Optional[Union[Item, Collector]]: """See :meth:`Pytester.getnode`.""" return self._pytester.getnode(config, arg)
[docs] def getpathnode(self, path): """See :meth:`Pytester.getpathnode`.""" return self._pytester.getpathnode(path)
[docs] def genitems(self, colitems: List[Union[Item, Collector]]) -> List[Item]: """See :meth:`Pytester.genitems`.""" return self._pytester.genitems(colitems)
[docs] def runitem(self, source): """See :meth:`Pytester.runitem`.""" return self._pytester.runitem(source)
[docs] def inline_runsource(self, source, *cmdlineargs): """See :meth:`Pytester.inline_runsource`.""" return self._pytester.inline_runsource(source, *cmdlineargs)
[docs] def inline_genitems(self, *args): """See :meth:`Pytester.inline_genitems`.""" return self._pytester.inline_genitems(*args)
[docs] def inline_run(self, *args, plugins=(), no_reraise_ctrlc: bool = False): """See :meth:`Pytester.inline_run`.""" return self._pytester.inline_run( *args, plugins=plugins, no_reraise_ctrlc=no_reraise_ctrlc )
[docs] def runpytest_inprocess(self, *args, **kwargs) -> RunResult: """See :meth:`Pytester.runpytest_inprocess`.""" return self._pytester.runpytest_inprocess(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def runpytest(self, *args, **kwargs) -> RunResult: """See :meth:`Pytester.runpytest`.""" return self._pytester.runpytest(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def parseconfig(self, *args) -> Config: """See :meth:`Pytester.parseconfig`.""" return self._pytester.parseconfig(*args)
[docs] def parseconfigure(self, *args) -> Config: """See :meth:`Pytester.parseconfigure`.""" return self._pytester.parseconfigure(*args)
[docs] def getitem(self, source, funcname="test_func"): """See :meth:`Pytester.getitem`.""" return self._pytester.getitem(source, funcname)
[docs] def getitems(self, source): """See :meth:`Pytester.getitems`.""" return self._pytester.getitems(source)
[docs] def getmodulecol(self, source, configargs=(), withinit=False): """See :meth:`Pytester.getmodulecol`.""" return self._pytester.getmodulecol( source, configargs=configargs, withinit=withinit )
[docs] def collect_by_name( self, modcol: Collector, name: str ) -> Optional[Union[Item, Collector]]: """See :meth:`Pytester.collect_by_name`.""" return self._pytester.collect_by_name(modcol, name)
[docs] def popen( self, cmdargs, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, stdin=CLOSE_STDIN, **kw, ): """See :meth:`Pytester.popen`.""" return self._pytester.popen(cmdargs, stdout, stderr, stdin, **kw)
[docs] def run(self, *cmdargs, timeout=None, stdin=CLOSE_STDIN) -> RunResult: """See :meth:``.""" return*cmdargs, timeout=timeout, stdin=stdin)
[docs] def runpython(self, script) -> RunResult: """See :meth:`Pytester.runpython`.""" return self._pytester.runpython(script)
[docs] def runpython_c(self, command): """See :meth:`Pytester.runpython_c`.""" return self._pytester.runpython_c(command)
[docs] def runpytest_subprocess(self, *args, timeout=None) -> RunResult: """See :meth:`Pytester.runpytest_subprocess`.""" return self._pytester.runpytest_subprocess(*args, timeout=timeout)
[docs] def spawn_pytest( self, string: str, expect_timeout: float = 10.0 ) -> "pexpect.spawn": """See :meth:`Pytester.spawn_pytest`.""" return self._pytester.spawn_pytest(string, expect_timeout=expect_timeout)
[docs] def spawn(self, cmd: str, expect_timeout: float = 10.0) -> "pexpect.spawn": """See :meth:`Pytester.spawn`.""" return self._pytester.spawn(cmd, expect_timeout=expect_timeout)
def __repr__(self) -> str: return f"<Testdir {self.tmpdir!r}>" def __str__(self) -> str: return str(self.tmpdir)
class LegacyTestdirPlugin: @staticmethod @fixture def testdir(pytester: Pytester) -> Testdir: """ Identical to :fixture:`pytester`, and provides an instance whose methods return legacy ``LEGACY_PATH`` objects instead when applicable. New code should avoid using :fixture:`testdir` in favor of :fixture:`pytester`. """ return Testdir(pytester, _ispytest=True)
[docs] @final @dataclasses.dataclass class TempdirFactory: """Backward compatibility wrapper that implements ``py.path.local`` for :class:`TempPathFactory`. .. note:: These days, it is preferred to use ``tmp_path_factory``. :ref:`About the tmpdir and tmpdir_factory fixtures<tmpdir and tmpdir_factory>`. """ _tmppath_factory: TempPathFactory def __init__( self, tmppath_factory: TempPathFactory, *, _ispytest: bool = False ) -> None: check_ispytest(_ispytest) self._tmppath_factory = tmppath_factory
[docs] def mktemp(self, basename: str, numbered: bool = True) -> LEGACY_PATH: """Same as :meth:`TempPathFactory.mktemp`, but returns a ``py.path.local`` object.""" return legacy_path(self._tmppath_factory.mktemp(basename, numbered).resolve())
[docs] def getbasetemp(self) -> LEGACY_PATH: """Same as :meth:`TempPathFactory.getbasetemp`, but returns a ``py.path.local`` object.""" return legacy_path(self._tmppath_factory.getbasetemp().resolve())
class LegacyTmpdirPlugin: @staticmethod @fixture(scope="session") def tmpdir_factory(request: FixtureRequest) -> TempdirFactory: """Return a :class:`pytest.TempdirFactory` instance for the test session.""" # Set dynamically by pytest_configure(). return request.config._tmpdirhandler # type: ignore @staticmethod @fixture def tmpdir(tmp_path: Path) -> LEGACY_PATH: """Return a temporary directory path object which is unique to each test function invocation, created as a sub directory of the base temporary directory. By default, a new base temporary directory is created each test session, and old bases are removed after 3 sessions, to aid in debugging. If ``--basetemp`` is used then it is cleared each session. See :ref:`temporary directory location and retention`. The returned object is a `legacy_path`_ object. .. note:: These days, it is preferred to use ``tmp_path``. :ref:`About the tmpdir and tmpdir_factory fixtures<tmpdir and tmpdir_factory>`. .. _legacy_path: """ return legacy_path(tmp_path) def Cache_makedir(self: Cache, name: str) -> LEGACY_PATH: """Return a directory path object with the given name. Same as :func:`mkdir`, but returns a legacy py path instance. """ return legacy_path(self.mkdir(name)) def FixtureRequest_fspath(self: FixtureRequest) -> LEGACY_PATH: """(deprecated) The file system path of the test module which collected this test.""" return legacy_path(self.path) def TerminalReporter_startdir(self: TerminalReporter) -> LEGACY_PATH: """The directory from which pytest was invoked. Prefer to use ``startpath`` which is a :class:`pathlib.Path`. :type: LEGACY_PATH """ return legacy_path(self.startpath) def Config_invocation_dir(self: Config) -> LEGACY_PATH: """The directory from which pytest was invoked. Prefer to use :attr:`invocation_params.dir <InvocationParams.dir>`, which is a :class:`pathlib.Path`. :type: LEGACY_PATH """ return legacy_path(str(self.invocation_params.dir)) def Config_rootdir(self: Config) -> LEGACY_PATH: """The path to the :ref:`rootdir <rootdir>`. Prefer to use :attr:`rootpath`, which is a :class:`pathlib.Path`. :type: LEGACY_PATH """ return legacy_path(str(self.rootpath)) def Config_inifile(self: Config) -> Optional[LEGACY_PATH]: """The path to the :ref:`configfile <configfiles>`. Prefer to use :attr:`inipath`, which is a :class:`pathlib.Path`. :type: Optional[LEGACY_PATH] """ return legacy_path(str(self.inipath)) if self.inipath else None def Session_startdir(self: Session) -> LEGACY_PATH: """The path from which pytest was invoked. Prefer to use ``startpath`` which is a :class:`pathlib.Path`. :type: LEGACY_PATH """ return legacy_path(self.startpath) def Config__getini_unknown_type( self, name: str, type: str, value: Union[str, List[str]] ): if type == "pathlist": # TODO: This assert is probably not valid in all cases. assert self.inipath is not None dp = self.inipath.parent input_values = shlex.split(value) if isinstance(value, str) else value return [legacy_path(str(dp / x)) for x in input_values] else: raise ValueError(f"unknown configuration type: {type}", value) def Node_fspath(self: Node) -> LEGACY_PATH: """(deprecated) returns a legacy_path copy of self.path""" return legacy_path(self.path) def Node_fspath_set(self: Node, value: LEGACY_PATH) -> None: self.path = Path(value) @hookimpl(tryfirst=True) def pytest_load_initial_conftests(early_config: Config) -> None: """Monkeypatch legacy path attributes in several classes, as early as possible.""" mp = MonkeyPatch() early_config.add_cleanup(mp.undo) # Add Cache.makedir(). mp.setattr(Cache, "makedir", Cache_makedir, raising=False) # Add FixtureRequest.fspath property. mp.setattr(FixtureRequest, "fspath", property(FixtureRequest_fspath), raising=False) # Add TerminalReporter.startdir property. mp.setattr( TerminalReporter, "startdir", property(TerminalReporter_startdir), raising=False ) # Add Config.{invocation_dir,rootdir,inifile} properties. mp.setattr(Config, "invocation_dir", property(Config_invocation_dir), raising=False) mp.setattr(Config, "rootdir", property(Config_rootdir), raising=False) mp.setattr(Config, "inifile", property(Config_inifile), raising=False) # Add Session.startdir property. mp.setattr(Session, "startdir", property(Session_startdir), raising=False) # Add pathlist configuration type. mp.setattr(Config, "_getini_unknown_type", Config__getini_unknown_type) # Add Node.fspath property. mp.setattr(Node, "fspath", property(Node_fspath, Node_fspath_set), raising=False) @hookimpl def pytest_configure(config: Config) -> None: """Installs the LegacyTmpdirPlugin if the ``tmpdir`` plugin is also installed.""" if config.pluginmanager.has_plugin("tmpdir"): mp = MonkeyPatch() config.add_cleanup(mp.undo) # Create TmpdirFactory and attach it to the config object. # # This is to comply with existing plugins which expect the handler to be # available at pytest_configure time, but ideally should be moved entirely # to the tmpdir_factory session fixture. try: tmp_path_factory = config._tmp_path_factory # type: ignore[attr-defined] except AttributeError: # tmpdir plugin is blocked. pass else: _tmpdirhandler = TempdirFactory(tmp_path_factory, _ispytest=True) mp.setattr(config, "_tmpdirhandler", _tmpdirhandler, raising=False) config.pluginmanager.register(LegacyTmpdirPlugin, "legacypath-tmpdir") @hookimpl def pytest_plugin_registered(plugin: object, manager: PytestPluginManager) -> None: # pytester is not loaded by default and is commonly loaded from a conftest, # so checking for it in `pytest_configure` is not enough. is_pytester = plugin is manager.get_plugin("pytester") if is_pytester and not manager.is_registered(LegacyTestdirPlugin): manager.register(LegacyTestdirPlugin, "legacypath-pytester")