pytest: helps you write better programs

The pytest framework makes it easy to write small, readable tests, and can scale to support complex functional testing for applications and libraries.

pytest requires: Python 3.8+ or PyPy3.

PyPI package name: pytest

A quick example

# content of
def inc(x):
    return x + 1

def test_answer():
    assert inc(3) == 5

To execute it:

$ pytest
=========================== test session starts ============================
platform linux -- Python 3.x.y, pytest-8.x.y, pluggy-1.x.y
rootdir: /home/sweet/project
collected 1 item F                                                     [100%]

================================= FAILURES =================================
_______________________________ test_answer ________________________________

    def test_answer():
>       assert inc(3) == 5
E       assert 4 == 5
E        +  where 4 = inc(3) AssertionError
========================= short test summary info ==========================
FAILED - assert 4 == 5
============================ 1 failed in 0.12s =============================

Due to pytest’s detailed assertion introspection, only plain assert statements are used. See Get started for a basic introduction to using pytest.


  • Detailed info on failing assert statements (no need to remember self.assert* names)

  • Auto-discovery of test modules and functions

  • Modular fixtures for managing small or parametrized long-lived test resources

  • Can run unittest (including trial) test suites out of the box

  • Python 3.8+ or PyPy 3

  • Rich plugin architecture, with over 1300+ external plugins and thriving community


  • Get started - install pytest and grasp its basics in just twenty minutes

  • How-to guides - step-by-step guides, covering a vast range of use-cases and needs

  • Reference guides - includes the complete pytest API reference, lists of plugins and more

  • Explanation - background, discussion of key topics, answers to higher-level questions


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit bugs or request features.

Support pytest

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pytest has never been associated with a security vulnerability, but in any case, to report a security vulnerability please use the Tidelift security contact. Tidelift will coordinate the fix and disclosure.